Schneider Pictures

 Al and Lu Schneider 

 August and Anna Schneider

 Ceil Jo Marion Frankie

 George Schneider marrying Gen and a second picture from their wedding day

A picture of Uncle Charlie in his W.W. I  uniform

 Uncle Harld Schneider -his nickname was Teensy

Schneider/Miller  gravestones

 Picture -Jo, Tony, Josie Voss (Grandma's friend)
 Jo and Tony Schneider and the  house where my Mom  grew up

 My Mom Ruth Schneider at 17

 My Mom Ruth Schneider at 23

 Lucielle Schneider getting married to Sterling Hall

 Tom and Mary Schneider's Wedding some wedding certificates 1  2 

 Tony Schneider -on his motorcycle

Walt Schneider  marrying Barb  and also  another wedding photo

  Ruth and Marshall Minter wedding picture  and here they are with their first  car a 1946 in 47 on Wentworth Avenue

The Millers!!!

2  3   
John and Theresa with Gram and Ceil etc.

Bertie -Mom's cousin   1  2  3  4  5  6  7 

finks and Hooseman

census  1 2  3  4