O'Connor Pictures
Rob's Mom- Mary Catherine O'Connor here is her birth certificate
Charles  O'Connor and Rob's Dad

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Mrs. Ed O'Connors death certificate

pow wows

Lina, O'Toole, Joey, Tommy and Gram

At one point Rob's Uncle Jack O'Connor got very interested in the geneology I had been researching, and started his own search through ledgers and even made a trek to Canada.  He also contacted living relatives like I was trying to do.  One of those living relatives, a Lawrence O'Connor loaned him a scrapbook which contained many many pages of O'Connor lore!  It was especially rich with newspaper articles on his father Lawrence O'Connor and JFT (or Jefty, as FDR called him) O'Connor.  Jefty was comptroller of the currency under FDR, he was also a lawyer, congressman, senator(?), and he even owned a movie studio in California.  He also almost ran for Govenor of California.  I was doing correspondence with the North Dakota Historical Society, who was quite generous with photo copies of portaits they had of Jefty.  Uncle Jack also loaned me the family scrapbook I mentioned above of which I made many photo copies (but not all pages), which I put on the scanner this summer (98).  Jefty never married but be sure to look at the picture of him dancing with Greer Garson.

Here are some of the photos from the scrapbook and North Dakota Historical Society and from family:

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 Honora and Lawrence O'Connor (see the geneology family cards) an article about Honora and a teapot from the family.  This shows Honora's huband a doctor inlisting.
trepanier pope metal     nuns    Lina O'Tool Tommy Jo and Gram photo

Here is JFT O'Connor dancing with  Greer Garson

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The scrapbook had a list of dates for communion/confirmation etc.

Larry O'Connor (Rob's grandpa's bro-who was a banker) is this our Larry?
bank sale
bank work done

Here is  a picture  of Rob and his brother Tom, sisters, Jo and Bernice and cousins:  Mary, Jimmy, Molly and Janie
photo  of Mary and Tom O'Connor, Rob's Grandparents     irish hills

marriage certificates for tom o'connor witnessed by Lane (his Mom?) and he married

Richard O'ConnorTommy O'Connor and article about Tommy's flights in the war
 Here is a wonderful picture of the Americus Township School with many  OConnor's , and here is a list of who's  who  in the photo

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O'Toole information
Rob's Gram Imerson and Gram O'Toole together in front of an old car

Rob's Gram and Gramp O'Toole

a death certificate

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