Minter Pictures and Documents
 My Sister: Peggy Jo Minter
 My Father:   Marshall Raymond Minter Jr.
My Grandfather:   Marshall Raymond Minter Sr.
 A picture of my Greatgrandfather: William Henry Minter , and his  obituary  and another  obitury  and Death Certificate
Here is another picture of Reverant William Henry Minter in 1905 or so.  The Minter  Brothers , Felix, Jo, James, William and Charles.

My Mom and Dad's Wedding picture:   Marshall and Ruth Minter
Marshall and Ruth in front of their 46 ford
Anne Hurst and Marshall Raymond Minter Sr.'s  Wedding picture
Marshall seniors second wife:   Marshall Sr. and Ruth Strong
 Delphia Gay Hornbeck and William H. Minter with baby Marshall Raymond Minter Sr
 Delphia Gay Hornbeck at 5 years of age and  Delphia  as a young women
 John Minter's -Death Certificate
Here are documents for Joseph Minter's marriage to Mary Ann Miller (Joseph was John's father) document one  and  document two

Julie Ann Miller married Moulds

Here are some pictures and other information concerning Julia Minter and James Moulds: 1  2  3  4

Here is some information that explains relationships between cousins, or as it's sometimes referred to:   kissing cousins
 Here is a picture of Marshall R. Minter Sr. and Mary when they were 7 and 3 respectively

Martha Minter's  obituary
 Some Minter documents:   1  2  3  5  6

 Some of the Minter Brothers

A recent picture of Marshall R. Minter Jr. with  Mabry

Dad's sister Jean, my Aunt Jean,  Jean Holsclaw

Here is a  letter  used as an afidavid for my Grandpa Marshall R. Minter Sr.

Lane Van Horn wedding certificate 

Note typed by my Mom Ruth (Schneider) Minter and signed Mom