Hurst Pictures and Documents
 my Grandma Reed:   Ann Hurst  and also Gram Reed and her  Mother Mary Ann Lane and Mary Ann in 1918

Mary Ann top right in this photo

Ann and  Bill  Reed

Ann Reed's  death certificategrave stone , and an  obitutary

Here is a picture of the Hurst  family  with a caption to show  whos who

Here is a  page from a book  about David Hurst, also his death certificate  and an  obitutary

Here is  Holley Hurst 's grave stone.

Here is an interesting document:   a Hurst tax list

Here is Gram Reed's parents  wedding  document and James Nelson Hurst  death certificate

Here are many Hurst graves:  1  2  3  4

Ed Lane's obituary at 90

A picture of James Hurst and his brother  Tom
 James Nelson Hurst's mother was a Smiley, and I have all sorts of interesting Smiley 1 2 3 information that Peggy got frm David Hurst (a living relative).  So be sure and take a look at these:   1  2  3  4  5  6