Hornbeck  Photos and Documents

 Delphia Gay  Hornbeck as a young women, also at the age of 5  and with William H. Minter and  son, M.R. Minter Sr. 

 Frank Hornbeck

My sister Peggy is corresponding with another Hornbeck and they exchanged information,  and found that our James Hornbeck and Mary (Polly) Brown matched up.  So we were able to fill in a lot more information on the Hornbeck line.  The above Probate document was from her.  She also sent quite a few marriage bonds which were a common practice back then.  One of them applies but the others have'nt been confirmed yet.  Here is one of those bonds: 1  2 3 4  We were also given some wonderful info from a book called Rainesville Remembers and here are some pages for it:   1  2  3  4   5  6  7  8 .  Here is the marriage  bond  for Polly Brown
Here are some pictures of Willis and Polina in the field , and Willis and his second wife   Betty , another picture of Willis and  Polina .

Marriage certificate for Willis and Polina.

Some probate documents  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9