Rob's Chairs

I have rebuilt three of the chairs below. After about ten years they were pretty rotted. Mainly because I had used cheap wood and hardware that rusted. I decided to rebuild three of the chairs in PVC wood and use all stainless steel hardware. These chairs should last for a century. Today is 17-Sep-09.

New chair one - View 1 View 2
New chair two - View 1 View 2
New chair three - View 1 View 2
Group shots - View 1 View 2 View 3

I decided the chairs were a bit flimsy because the PVC is quite flexible. I tweaked chairs one and three by adding some braces under the arms. I think chair three looks better. Today is 9-Oct-09

Newnew group shots - View 1 View 2

These are the old chairs -

First  - From a plan given to me by a friend.
Second  - Stolen from Sunset magazine
Third  - I had made this from a picture then later turned it into a bench
Fourth  - This was from a picture in a catalog
Fifth - A blend of several chairs
    Fifth - detail 1
   Fifth - detail 2
    Fifth - detail 3
Footstool - The footstool has 4 heights and can be used as stool or table.

All of these Adirondak chairs are different styles. I designed chair #5 by taking the best features from all the others. It also seems to be the most comfortable and quite light.

I liked the wide arms on number one, I liked the triangular forms in number two, I liked the floating arms and the front treatment on number four.

Building #5 is a bit tricky because of the floating arms. You have to support the arms as you put the back on.

A tricky problem is the angled back causes the back support to be angled. I think I solved the problem best in #5.