Rob's Amazing Statues

Well maybe not so amazing.
These are made from old redwood fencing.
They are quite large and impressive to stand next to. I can barely reach the bolt that holds on the mans head. The fence behind them is 10 feet tall.

The plan was to make them in less then 30 minutes. I spent a lot of time planning this project. I made the man in less then 30 minutes and also the women in less then 30 minutes. The dog was an additional idea.
I made them nude because it grabs your attention and gives the viewer pause.
Note the woman has an articulated right arm. I didn't articulate other joints because I wasn't making a marionette, this is a sculpture. Moving the arm slightly gives a different look to the ensemble.

I love the dog. It looks very much like our old dog Shawnee.

1 -   2D Man Woman & Dog
2 -   2D Man Woman & Dog
3 -   2D Man Woman & Dog
4 -   Deb with 2D dog
5 -   Deb with 2D dog
6 -   Rob with 2D dog
7 -   2D Dog Close-up
8 -   Statue Setting
9 -   New Chair
10 - New 11/06/06 An abstract titled Redwood Fence