Rob's Excellent Adventure

Deb and I arrived in LA fairly early on Friday, so we had time for lunch. My sister Joey had sent an article about a place that claims to have invented the beef dip sandwich . They claim to have beaten my favorite sandwich shop Phillipe's to the punch. I had to go check it out, the name is Cole's. The concierge at the hotel told us it was an easy walk. We hiked many blocks through some "interesting" areas to finally get there. It was as described. An old pub from 1908. We ordered a couple sandwiches and enjoyed them very much. I don't think the food is better then Phillipe's but you don't have to stand in the long lines. The place was quite busy. We hiked back through the "gallery" section of LA and dropped into a couple interesting places.

The next day Larry, husband of Deb's good friend Helen, and I decided to go to Venice beach. He had seen something about it on the History Channel and was very interested. We hopped aboard the #10 bus just outside the hotel. 45 minutes later we were dropped off just around the corner from the Santa Monica pier. The pier is the end of route 66. We hiked around the pier. Not much was happening because it was pretty early and it looked like a cool day. Venice is about two miles down the shore so we hiked it. We had a good time looking at all the sights. We were tempted to rent a bike but didn't want the responsibility of taking care of it so it wouldn't get stolen.
   We found a pretty good place for lunch. We chose to sit up on tall stools so we could see the  action. A bunch of LA firefighters were having lunch too. We watched the people outside entertaining the passing crowds.
   We then hiked back to the Santa Monica pier. Things were happening more then they were in the morning. Not much else to tell. We waited for quite a while for the bus and rode it back. We nearly didn't get off where we needed to get off. Thank goodness I know the area pretty well and got us off relatively close.

I should have take more pictures... Next time I will.