Trip to LA Mar20 '09

We flew down to LA Friday the 20th. Not much eventful today. Had a nice dinner salad at the Brewery in the Bonaventure. Had a BIG and expensive martini at the bar downstairs, plus enjoyable talk with other teachers.

Saturday I planned on taking the bus to LACMA (Los Angeles County Art Museum) with a stop at the world famous "Pink's Hollywood Hotdogs" for lunch.

I caught the 720 bus and sailed out to Wilshire and LaBrea. After an interminable 20 minute wait in the slightly cold and overcast weather I finally took the rather long ride to Melrose where Pink's is located. I was suprised that at 11:45 or so on a Saturday there would be a rather long line. I got in line and was entertained for about an hour over hearing these girls talking about nearly everything. They sounded like good students. Finally I ordered my hotdog - a "Bacon, chili, cheese dog", an order of fries and a coke. It was pretty good but hardly worth the one hour wait. Oh well. Then another 20 minute waiting for the bus back to Wilshire - lot's of street people and Hassidic Jews around.

Finally I got to LACMA. They have added a large new building. I went over to see the "Art of Two Germanys". It was mostly modern style art. I don't understand it very well so I sailed through.

In the downstairs of the building was a really cool huge installation. Somehow it's not mentioned on the website ( It was two huge steel compositons that seemed to be like paper that had been curled around on itself only it's iron 4" thick and about 15' tall. You walk around it and then walk in and around. Amazing.

I went to see some of the permenant collection. They have a strange presentation called "Fabiola". It was something like 200-400 pictures depicting a profile of a woman in a red head cloth. I couldn't figure it out.

I also looked around at some of the other pieces that I like to see. I'm disappointed that this was the only picture that turned out decently.

The bus ride back was quite nice. I got the same driver - what are the odds. He asked about Pink's.

Later on Saturday Deb and I went to some candidate parties. They usually have interesting drinks and appetizers. We had dinner at the Brewery again.

Sunday I got up early and took a taxi to Union Station where I took the Flyaway bus to LAX. I got on the plane and took off at 8:30am. It was raining pretty hard off and on.

So this is my boring story.